random mutterings

the most referrals i get at the moment seem to come from auntie doris blog. 🙂 yay, someone does read me
its nice to know some people still read! thanks for messages etc.

i guess i am at a stand still as to what to write at the moment or how on earth to begin with trying to explain whats been happening with me the last few months or what has not.

I guess the biggest thing to say if i am on the slow road of recovering from a really dark time when i felt like there was not much hope and no other option other than to not be here.

however it didn’t work, and here i am

A good few months ago now, so don’t all go panic on me! I am not any way inclined to try again …

however its been a pretty intense time, but with the support of a very small network of people, things are leveling out.

5 thoughts on “random mutterings

  1. …winter, spring, summer or fall…all you’ve got to do is call…just as soon as you get a new cellular contract that is! 😉

  2. I read it too! Hope you are feeling more on top of things. I know just how bad despression can be.

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