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sorry things have been so quiet. things have been pretty hard going. still here though …

and thank you for the folk who have emailed to tell me some of the links on the left hand side were broken.

I took the opportunity of refreshing the ones I wanted to, deleting a few, and more importantly adding a few. A couple I have been promising to put up for months, so finally, I have and will draw attention to them and the others that are there starting with …

*Peterson Toscano, Musings of. From his site he is “An ex-gay survivor and — Creator of Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House” and “I am a theatrical, performance, artist, a very queer and quirky Quaker, and an ex-gay survivor. I’ve lived on four continents in my life and currently live in North America in Connecticut”

For more, the link to his blog is somewhere on the left hand side. I met him several times at Greenbelt with Auntie Doris (whose blog is also linked on the left hand side) and he is a great guy.

*Mind Space is the blog of Dean Ayres. A random guy I met through Flickr, who is involved with various things and was presiding at the amazing communion service I attended at Greenbelt, and blogged about lots too … He is a member of the Grace community in Ealing, London, is a uni chaplain dude, and his blog is cool, so go check that out too if you have some spare time … This is how he describes Mind Space ” Dean Ayres’ blog about faith, politics, art, photography, travel, and anything else that piques his interest.”

*NAPAC – National Association for People Abused in Childhood. Might not be of interest for everyone, but an organization I have become more and more involved in over the last 3 months or so. They have a great site, lots of information, and a wonderful forum for anyone who feels it might be of use to them. Be aware the forum and website deals with a topic of sensitive nature, and again might not be for everyone.. But your more than welcome to go take a look.

*Post Secret. From their site “PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard”

Enough said, you might have heard of it, might not have, worth a look though

* I have also added St Pixels, Church of the Internet, a great site, with discussions boards and much more. Worth a look

*Greenbelt From their site “Greenbelt is an independent Christian charity working to express love, creativity and justice in the arts and contemporary culture in the light of the Christian gospel”. They hold an annual event each year which attracts thousands and thousands, and many more, and definitely worth a look at!

*Generous, Ship of Fools and Compassion are all still there as links, and still things I am involved with / support. Feel free to go take a look or ask any questions …

*Also go read Cartoon Church. Link at the top. Dave Walker. Funny Guy. Draws Cartoons. Met him @ Greenbelt, and then again at Holy Joes quite recently (which was a great night dave) … He also owns this blog site!!
Go check out his stuff

*Also Chelley, Auntie Doris, Pants and Hope Eternal still blog away, so go read what they have to say
*REV TC is on a blog break for the time being, but I like what he has to say, know him and think he is a very cool guy who has inspired me in lots of ways which he probably does not even know about, so leaving his link there for people to back read, and with the hope he might find some blogging inspiration soon.

Thinks thats them all. Have one more to add, but it wont seem to work right now, so once i have worked out why, it will appear and i will draw attention to it

Have fun if you get the chance to look at any of them