Monthly Archives: October 2007


Falling into that beautiful thing called Love

(Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, cant-live-without-each-other-love)

(OR: you love me to !)

you feel fizzy. You feel funny. You dont want to stop and breathe. You dont want to think. You just want to hold on to this unbelievable rush.
You tell yourself, I coudl learn to live with this feeling. You tell yourself, this love, I wont question. This love, I will simply enjoy.

Because this love is quite possibly the one …


Never stop falling in love ….

(on the inside of my galaxy wrapper. love it:) )


i think everyone has given up reading this blog, say hi if your all still out there!

quick update: I have moved. Have started the new job.

Stepdad is very ill, again. If your there praying sort, prayers would be appreciated. If your not, thoughts would do. Thankyou.

(side note: As much as the decision to leave the big city and move closer to my parents was a hard one to make (really hard) I am so thankful and pleased that I am able to be close to my family, and a stone throw away from them in an emergency)

Thanks to everyone who is and has been supporting me. Your all stars.