Monthly Archives: July 2007

dear blog

dear darling blog
I have not forgotten you
nor the people who read you
however I am in the process of leaving my job
finishing my work
moving house
going on holiday
a camping trip
and leading a youth camp trip to some event thingy.

I will be back again, soon, promise, but things are slightly busy at the moment 🙂
I am also going to be with out internet access until September, so it will be back to the t’net cafes.
I will blog again, some day, soon


other year older …

another year old.

Sorry for the blatant promotion, but if I didnt I would spend the entire day at work with no one really knowing.

I just opened my cards as I have to leave house early in morning, and may not get back till evening, so at least they can be up 🙂

some sweet things written.

I have had an amazing day today, my last service at the churches I work for. A few weeks to go then I shall no longer work for them, and my send off wad truly beautiful today. Our whole house smells of the many flowers. More to come later about my day today …

i believe

I believe in the sun…even when it is not shining….I believe in love…even when I feel it not…I believe in God…even when He is silent.

-written on a wall in a concentration camp.