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something beautiful

signing in and signing out for the weekend, as off to do some youth/childrens programme stuff on a residential, but wanted to leave you with some Theology, and something beautiful.

To find out more, go read Jonny Bakers blog. The link is on the left hand side of this one. I dont know Jonny. But I know people who do, which is how I got reading his blog. And its quite inspiring most of the time, and very inspiring the rest of it. Worship tricks have been a fab tool for me while I have been exploring worship etc, all which can be found on his blog.
Anyway, the point is he has just written a lovely entry, about Theology, the new album by Sinead O Connor.
So I checked her out on My space, and will be buying the album after the weekend.

Its worth checking out anyway, is my point …

Have a good weekend folks


Behind, written by dreamer

Behind smile is sometimes a heart that cries
There is often a body that is so exhausted
a mind that is in need of rest,
and a life in need of healing

Behind the smile there is a person

Behind the face is someone in need of loveSomeone in need of friendship
A life needing to be restored
And wandering if and how it will ever happen

Behind the face is there is a person

Behind the laugh is someone so unsure
Of how people will think,
And trying hard to be the smile,
The face, and the laugh

Behind the laugh there is a person

Behind the smile, behind the face, behind the laugh is
A person who can dream
A person who can hope
A person who can learn to live again.


the world is still going round …

and I still seem to be on it after the last couple of months. Things seem to returning to some sort of normality if that EVER happens in my life …
Dad (step) is doing ok, is awaiting a scan to check out the stroke thing, which is possible, but it would be only very minor. He has regained everything he is supposed to, and seems to picking up generally now. ALOT better than before, and I think he was quite shocked to find out just how close to not being with us he any more he actually was.
Life is busy, partied hard the last couple of nights, which was good.
Great to have decisions made really affirmed. I went out for drinks Thursday night which ended up in a “still sitting in the garden at 1 am with wine” kind of event, but was beautiful. Great friends, great talk, great company.
Last night, a little different, as I didn’t finish work till late, but still went to a party, great people, great talk, including quite a deep one over a wine, that was quite surprising but good.

Anyway, the point of this post was to say I am still alive, havnt completly caved , still seem to be standing on the world that keeps spinning and everything else …


still alive
so is dad. (step)
For those following, he is out of intensive care, after a fright on friday when it was thought he may have had a stroke, things seem to be improving slowly. (he didn’t stroke) but the severe reaction he had to the morphine and anesthetic (ok, i cant spell, i know, but i am tired and don’t care) is taking its time to wear off.

anyway, i promised to be in bed by 11 (yes i can hear you all go gasp) so i will write again tomorrow

so, back to the stirring …

back to the stirring of the heart thing…
its still happening …
and to cut a long story short right now, watch this space, but i might be on the move again …

yes yes, contradictory to everything i have been saying to everyone the last 3 months i know …

more to come


p.s Just thought I would add, for those following my hair thingy that I am having it done at the beginning of next month, by the person I had my consultation with, and by my reckoning it is going to look fab.

After lots of thinking, and umming and ahhhing, it is going to be my birthday gift from mummykins. So I dont feel to bad about it.

it never rains but pours …

had a beautiful weekend at home with the rents. spending time in the sun, visiting friends, eating food and playing with my new phone.

Stepdad is now in hospital. Again. All went off overnight, and he is being operated on tomorrow afternoon. I shall stay here until he comes through the operation tomorrow, which is convinced he wont. He will, its highly unlikely he will die from the anastetic or however its spelt.

For those who have been follow my dramas, I am doing ok, just awaiting for an appointment with a consultant in town to see why I keep passing out.

I have to admit, I am starting to not be surprised with any drama that comes my way, because it seems to have been happening with huge regularity over the last 12 months or so, and I feel like I am coping quite well.
Am I supposed to be saying things like that …
ah well, more to blog at some point no doubt, just wanted to chip in as someone commented how quiet my blog has been the last few days. Most of it has been out living it loud, staying in the sun and doing nice things!