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I look

I look.

I look down and see the ground
I look up and see the skies
I look around and wander where the people are
I look hard and try to find some sense in this life

It is hard when you don't see what you need
It is hard when you can't see what it is your longing for
It is hard when you just want that someone to tell you they love you
It is hard when it does not happen

Why does it always rain but you can feel the heat?
Why does the sun shine, but you can feel the cold?
Why is it that people all around are laughing and smiling … ?
Why is it that you laugh and smile with them but cry inside?

When will the heat cool down and cold start to fade?
When will life regain composure and normality?
When will the heart that is broken mend?
When will it feel like life has begun again?

I look down and see the ground
I look up and see the skies
I look around and wander where the people are
I look hard and try to find some sense in this life

written by Dreamer ©
(thanks buddee for the little c sign!)

your kingdom come

Celebrating Pentecost – Global Day of Prayer programme says ” The song *Your Kingdom Come* was written by Ray Goudie and Neil Wilson especially for this day” …

and here are the words …

Your Kingdom come, Your will be done
Just as in heaven, on earth be done
Forgive our sin, as we forgive
with grace and love, teach us to live
Lord hear our cry, Oh make us one
And as we pray, healings begun
Your kingdom come, Your will be done
We cry kingdom come

Let justice roll, like waves of tears,
Honour, respect instead of fear
Rivers of peace flow through this land
Our brokenness is in Your hand
We want Your truth and righteousness
Hear us Lord as we confess
You kingdom come, Your will be done
We cry kingdom come

With hearts and voice joined as in one
With hope we stand for salvation
On every place and every race
We see You come with eyes of faith
We hear the sound of freedom cried
Holy ones fire in our eyes
Your kingdom come, Your will be done

We cry Kingdom come
We cry Kingdom come

stirring ..

i can feel a stirring in my heart

last time that happened it ended with me moving to a big scary city, away from home and taking on something new and exciting.

i wander whats coming round the corner?!

today is pentecost day. we are one with god and god is one with us. that was the theme this morning.

then this afternoon saw over 20, 000 people in a football stadium for the global day of prayer.
more to come

hair …

please note before you read this, its a kind of vanity post, so before the lectures come in on not being vain and all that … just let me get it off my chest …

ok, so those of you who know me outside of online blogdom will know I take great pride in my hair
So, ok, some of you may have seen me on a bad hair day, and those of you who see me daily will know right nows it a total mess. Thing is, I have only really been having my hair done at home. Ie, home, when I go stay with mum. Now, I love my hairdresser. Been going to the same one for 18 years (yes mad isnt it) and she has grown with me. She is a superb cutter, and indulges me with my madness. She has seen my hair go through alsorts, of colours, and cuts, from the sleek to the mad. From the normal colour to the bright red with black streaks which I eventually settled on. Not that it is looking very red at the moment.

Now the thing is, I love having my hair done. I guess when I am being treated and pampered by someone who I can natter away to, not feel judged, and turned up in my sloppy joes looking a mess and not have them bat an eyelid, i LOVE IT.

I love the lift having my hair done gives. Like I said, I can feel and look like crap but when I leave , ooooh man its good!
I love doing the unexpected. I love growing my hair, letting people get used to it, then going in for the big chop again. I love messing around with it, experiment, seeing what I can and cant do. I love getting it right.
I guess I would think of my hair as my best feature most of the time, when its looking good.
Good hair and good eye makeup.

Thing is, I am contemplating having my hair done here in the city. Thing is the price ranges are slightly different.
And maybe slightly is the wrong word for it, hugely different might be better.
Thing is, tis my birthday soon. (well, ok, a month and a bits time) …. so would it be hugely wrong and extravagant and indulgant and wrong for a full time volunteer worker to go and spend lots of money on a hair do as a gift from mummy

It would be a good one, by an expert.
It would be quite expensive.
It be something I have never had done, and only ever wished I could – something that is now more in reach by only really being down the road from some of these place.
It would be something I probably wouldnt have done again.
It would be a one off.

I want to.
But I dont know if I should …
Opinions please

edited to add: this is what I am thinking vaguely about going back to, but with the back a bit longer, and a bit redder …
old hair

i have just been …

totally and completely blessed by my postie this morning. And obviously the people who sent the letter and enclosed stuff, and the other people involved in what was sent.
Being a full time working volunteer in the kind of way I am isnt always easy, especially financially. So to be supported by an amazing group of people really helps. Thanks folks

banksy or not …. ?

go look at my flickr, link on left hand side …
three pics up that i took today while out and about looking at some of the graffiti art the youth I work with have been scattering around… they look like banksy art to me … what do you think?!