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another one of these …

Terrible Twos

Two Names You Go By:
1. H
2. dreamer

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. Hoodie
2. Tracky bottoms

Two Things You Want in a Relationship:
1. Happiness
2. Trust

Two of Your Favourite Things to do:
1. Sleep
2. Listen to music

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:
1. chocolate
2. lose weight

Two pets you had/have:
1. axel
2. rose (they were twin hamsters)

Two things you did last night:
1. went for drinks
2. ate tapas

Two things you ate today:
1. pasta
2. cheese

Two people you Last Talked To In Person:
1. Bex
2. Frances

Two Things you did today:
1. messed aorund with facebook profile
2. slept

Two favourite beverages:
1. OJ
2. Wine

Two of your least favourite things to do:
1. execise
2. cooking

ok, this was quite a short one, the love survey came next but i have declined to post that one 🙂

Stop the Traffic

I am a person,

not a potato

to be picked and packaged

and sent to market

to be sliced and diced,

chopped up and ketchupped

on the other side of the world.

I am human

and I am not for sale.

I am a living conscience,

not a cargo.

I travel passenger,

not freight.

I am not cattle,

not contraband,

not a catalogued commodity.

I'm not the bottom line

for those who trade in tragedy

and profit from perversity.

I am not a can

to be recycled.

I am human

and I am not for sale.

I am a thinking individual,

not a rare exotic bird.

I am your sister,

not an inmate for your zoo.

I am not merchandise,

not meat,

not a meal ticket.

I was mothered,

not manufactured,


not created.

I am human

and I am not for sale.

Its time to end this trade

in human tragedy,

to terminate this travesty

of a global economy.

Let the red lights

of your cities

be put to better use

to stop the traffic.

Write it in lights

across your seared conscience:

I am human

and I am not for sale


instant custard…

so, and dont ask me how, I managed to get making instant custard wrong. Indeed, I hear those gasps.
So taking inspiration from Neil choosing easter eggs and Mince pies, I , with a little help from my friends have devised a simple, and easy step by step guide to making instant custard ….

Custard 1
You first take the sachet, modelled here by the lovely Julie, and open it …

Custard 2
You then take a jug, and the sachet, and empty contents so it looks like …
Custard 3
Having already boiled the kettle, you then need to pour the hot water into the jug like so, making sure you observe the level required and dont add to much water!
Custard 4
Take a fork … NOT A SPOON (it dosnt work, we tried)
Custard 5

Use the fork to mix the water and the powder in the jug, with enthusiasm. . .
Custard 6

you are then able to pour said custard, which should be perfectly made now onto something as equally nice and edible … such as crumble, as shown here …
Custard 7

finally, enjoy the food, adding Maltesars to the custard and crumble if you so wish (yes, ok, it isnt me, and it wasnt my idea, but she did eat it) as modelled here by Kay ..

Custard 8 end result

I hope you have found that enlightening, and now feel confident to try making instant custard yourself!

PS I was told to add this as we did have a little help from another friend, as shown …
custard extra

east to west

east to west by audacity

theres a little boy who has to leave the landing light turned on
praying in his innocence that God will him strong
and theres a little girl trying to figue it out, if she is a rag doll or a daughter
hoping that some day she will find love

from east to west, we are your children
from east to west to you we cry
from east to west, we’re drawn together
like a curtained closed against the winter night

theres a man on the street, with his cap in his hand, hoping pennies will rain from heaven
even though the weatherman, he said it will stay dry
and theres a woman who rides every morning at 8, on the Lichfield to New Street line
and though she is dying inside if you ask how she is, she will always say she is fine

from east to west, we are your children
from east to west to you we cry
from east to west, we’re drawn together
like a curtained closed against the winter night

theres a man speaking on a hill side, and the crowd hang on every word
theres a man in a fishing boat who the wind and waves have heard
theres a man on a roman cross, betrayed by a best friends kiss
what kind of man? what kind of love is this?

from east to west, we are your children
from east to west to you we cry
from east to west, we’re drawn together
like a curtained closed against the winter night

we’re drawn together …

(I was going through my cd collection at my parents house earlier this evening and I found a cd I had thought about last week. This cd is a cd by a group of people who used to go visit schools and churches. I came across them in school. And went to their concert. Turned up slightly worse for wear. No more details, however, I was touched in a mighty way, and through them and this song particulary started on the journey of discovery. It still touches me, the song, the words, to this day)

I am …

Sarah Brown – ‘I AM' for an explanation

"I Am" by Sarah Brown

Found this on hope eternals blog and its really sparked some reflection for me.

(I added this to my flickr, then deleted it, i know this isnt the best way to probably put a picture up but I didnt know how else to, any other ideas from people please let me know, ta)

beautiful child …

I was searching through my old blog for something, ( and I found this. I have it on paper somewhere also, but when I first got given this at something I had gone along to at Greenbelt it made me cry, and it touches me everytime I re read it, which tonight has been the third time.

“Friday, September 01, 2006
beautiful child

You are not broken, beautiful child
Nothing about you is wrong.
Other people have made their mistakes on you
But you survived.
You are whole.
You will heal, you will be all you ever want to be
You no longer remain the victim of those years.
Your body is yours.
You can fill it with joy.
Your thoughts are in your control.
Your feelings are free as the sound
of chiming bells.
You are loved.
You are loveable
beautiful child.
You always were.
You are forgiven.
– Becky Birtha
I got given this whilst @ Greenbelt.
Also some other quotes and things, but this is the one that made tears come to my eyes.”


(pleas ebear in mind this was typed at 9 pm while sitting in some grotty waiting room. Also bear in mind I left my house at 3 pm, walking into my parents at just gone 11. Not amused!


Can you believe that a two hour journey, maybe three if its busy will have taken me 8 by the time I get home this evening. That's right. 8!!

I am currently sitting in a grim waiting room almost in the middle of nowhere feeling blessed that there are at least other people sitting round waiting and I am not totally alone. I am also annoyed that I have just sat here for ten minutes and typed a really long essay moaning about the trains and public transport then the flipping thing crashed so I lost it all. I can't imagine that my day today can get any more frustrating. First they sold me the wrong ticket. I mean, how can they get away with selling you tickets at one end that are not valid, but then refusing to do anything about it at the other end because you have to go back to the people who sold you the thing to begin with. And another thing, this country is always banging on about people using the public transport, but honestly, is there any motivation for people to? They charge silly amounts of money, trains run late or they don't run at all, stations are disgustingly bad, and when you do manage to get on a train if they are not totally crammed the to roof (yes I have experienced this today and wasn't able to get on schedule train, after trying to get home for five hours) you cant find anywhere to sodding sit. It's a liability I tell you. I am also telling you, that finances permitting next year I am planning to learn to drive so I don't have to endure the world of trains any more. If my friends can do it, then so can I, it cant be that hard can it!?

Before this thing had crashed on me, I wrote a long thing about also being gutted that the meal I had planned with mummy dearest isn't obviously going to happen. We usually take the opportunity of my first night at home visiting to go out for a curry to pig out and catch up on the gossip. My stepdad usually goes out Thursday evenings so we have a girls night, but that wont happen tonight.

Anyway, on to happier things. I am going to visit my darling mummy and stepdad. SO I AM HOLIDAY!! Don't try and email me about anything work related, it shall be ignored. Ok, well that's my attempt to be really strict, but you all know me, so you know if it is an emergency or something important I wont really ignore it, and I will still answer my phone. But I feel like I should say I wont do any work. In fact, that's a lie anyway seeing as I bought my computer with me with the aim of doing lots of course work while I am away. I am going away with a group of people next week, which will be busy and mean that I shall have do some sort of work stuff too, but I will get a chance to go to meeting, wander down the beach, eats lots of nice food and sleep lots. Well, that's the plan for the time being anyway

I am going to stop typing drivel now because I could go on forever and my tapping of the keys is probably doing everyones head in, although they are fairly quiet compared to some.