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dont you just love it when…

a plan comes together well and everyone has a good time?!
I had arranged to meet up with 7 friends whilst in York for the weekend. To begin with when organizing this something I was worried about was the fact no one knew each other, and I was the only person everyone had in common. However, it turns out a couple did know each other, and everyone had a really good time. We went out for a meal and then drinks and chatted the night away. I then went to one of my friends church in the morning, and had a great lunch with her before a horrible train ride back, BUT DON’T YOU JUST LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER?

What a great weekend.

Also just to let you know LIFE IS MANIC with a capital M. Hence the quietness. Normal blog writing will resume soon. It will, Promise. Thanks to the faithful commenter’s, I will catch up with everyone else’s blogs soon, promise:)

typed and sent

my article I promised to write yonks ago and which was a week and a bit late anyway really did have to be sent today, so although it is stupidly late an I have to be up stupidly early it is done!
(my own fault for leaving it, really)

typed and sent

my article I promised to write yonks ago and which was a week and a bit late anyway really did have to be sent today, so although it is stupidly late an I have to be stupidly early it is done!
(my own fault for leaving it, really)

Happy Birthday M,

you dont read this, as fair as I am aware, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!

My big bro is 26 tomorrow. I am at home (my mothers) for the weekend as we have his birthday celebration thing tomorrow. I meet his newest lady friend, and her parents, and my parents meet her parents for the first time. They are off on a holiday on Monday for the week. I hope they have a safe and good time. He deserves it.

Each time it gets round to celebrating the fact my brother is one year older, I have to sit back and give thanks to God that he has made it to the age he is at, and pray forwards that he continues to have a happy, healthy and prosperous life. My mum proudly showed me a clip of him on the tv last week, some show interviewed him, and he was in all the local rags, due to his job. He was in one of those day time tv shows, and well its made us all proud. I looked at the picture of him in the local rag and thought “wow” thats my brother.

Thats my brother who 10 years ago wasnt going anywhere, went from school to school, being thrown out of them all, evetnually settling as such at a church school, that had its strictness, but amazing care for pupils.
When my brother was 18 he was fully hooked onto drugs, and was probably selling them by the time he got to 20. I am crap at putting the right timedates and ages to events, so it may not all be quite correct, however, I think he was 21 when he found himself going into some sort of rehab programme for a while, and going off to Australia (we have family there) for a year. It wasnt until many many years later during a heartbreaking chat with my mum did I find out she fully expected him to die out there, either from drug misuse or his eating disorder. How heartbreaking must that have been for a mother, to say bye to a child, and not think they would be back… I cant imagine it …

However, he did come back, and it hasnt been an easy ride, in fact there always seems to be an up and down going on, BUT he did come back, he found a job, got a flat. Started to live life a little bit differently to before. Yeah we were all on tenterhooks when he decided to settle back into the same home town, with the same crowd around, but amazingly, and personally, this has to be a God thing, his other “drug buddy” also came clean while my brother was out of town. Maybe not being in each others influence helped?! They are now firm friends, they now both have jobs, living places, cars, careers, friends and are sucessful. They are both clean, totally, with my brother decided to give up his one little vice every now and then at christmas. My brother has been the circle, from soft , to hard, to hard and selling, back to soft, to nothing, and how proud of that am I !!!!

I have to write this out sometimes, to process in my head how proud I am. Proud of my brother, that he is where he is. So, if you will, on the 18th feb, sunday here, raise a glass to my brother. I will be doing.

sick and hair

ok, well I am officially sick apparently. According to the Dr I have a nasty chest infection and should have done something about it sooner. Ops. On antibiotics now though and in the comfort of my very own mothers home until after the weekend. (I was scheduled to have the weekd off and at home anyway, so crap for me I am sick while off, but good for work as I hopefully wont have to take any time off)

Anyway, on to more important things, in my scheduled weekend at home, I AM HAVING MY HAIR DONE.

I have rung and she said I can still go in and have it done, coz I was going to cancel it. It does need doing though!
I have decided to stick with the same colours but mess around with the style, so we will see what happens 😀

my flickr

You should find my newly ish created Flickr Account under this link. Click on the box with the shadow in and it should work.
Feel free to leave some lovely and falttering comments. Thanks!

So, followers of the odl blog will know, a year ago, this time, Thirst for Life, kicked off a campaign encouraging people to go 40 without alcohol. It went well, and they have decided to relaunch the project again this year.

More to come at some point on why I personally am getting involved in this, but why dont YOU think about it?
40 Days, No Alcohol.

Check out the website.

the hair ..

Ok, so the hair is need of being redone, as you might remember from previous posts. So the red isnt AS red as usual, as neither colour is currently quite as it sould, but this is the kinda direction in which my hair looks like. Now trying to decide whether to add another colour into the black and red mix, What ya reckon?
Picture taken very very early, while on conference, before hair being done, adding that comment because it usually looks nicer in style!

red haired beauty

(with thanks to Pants for help with the picture posting)

Just to add, also, the hair is actually the red colour all over with three black streaks, but the angle and style of hair make it look like it is red streaked. It isnt. Which does make a difference when adding colours etc, because black is hard to go over. Anyway, just for your info.

sorryfor the silence …

Sorry for the silence. Life seems to have taken over rather suddenly with this week being manic busy wise. With work and without work.
I am also away for the next 4 days so the silence will continue, but be sure I shall be back with Ooomph as I have lots to write about!