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dreamin of goin back to bed …

I am dreaming about going back to bed. I WANT TO GO BACK TO BED.

but but but I have washing to do, cleaning to do, tidying up to do, and a small amount of work work to do this afternoon, BUT a huge amount of paper type work also. I go away next week AND must get the washing done.


poll time

Ok, alittle different to the compeition. Thanks for all the replies so far. Not making any comments yet.

Anyway, blog name time.

Do I keep the dreamingredhead name OR go for … The Hopeful Happenings of
Horatio Harumph?
Which sounds more catchy? More me?

Lemme know what you think!

competition time again …

For those of you who were previous blog readers, you will remember, maybe, my "make me laugh" competition, which my mate Andy won, first class, with a very in joke which no one will know anything about other than a selct group of us, but made me laugh something funny!

Anyway, I have decided with this brand new sparkly shiny red blog it is time for another competition. The prize usually is something of the chocolate variety.

So, I am naming it "Guess the drink" and as you can guess, its about guessing which drink is mine.

So, when I have worked out how to add pictures, which I dont seem to be able to right now, a photo will appear of a table, with some glasses. Your task is to guess which one is mine. I moved around a bit, and took several snaps, so dont go with the logic of the one nearest to the camera, because it might not be, and then again it might …

Make sense? Good. You have about a week to enter. Replies on a postcard please, or alternatively in the comments section.


Edited to add : randomly been to the pub two nights in a row with two seperate sets of work people. And two nights in a row have randomly been accosted by strange men who have had to much to drink. Last night my friend E, was VERY assertive, BRAVO GIRL! but tonight we got stuck with a bumbling bloke who thought he was funny. Unfortunately he wasnt. I dont go to the pub much, no, really. I dont! Weird.

Edited to add, again. Ok, so this should be obvious, but its not. And I only had one drink. So if some kind soul would like to tell me how to post a picture I would be most grateful thanks

in the middle of the busyness …

Its late. In fact, it is 1:30 am late. Or early should I say. And I went for a curry after work tonight, which wasnt until half ten. I am also in pain from cramps. I have had a really good time healthwise since the New Year, until the last couple of days. Trying to press on anyway. Just dosnt help my sleep routine at all o rmy energy levels. I have just been reflecting with my house mate, Becky about the last 18 months since I moved into her home. Since I moved from my home, town, old job, friends to what was this new city, new home, new friends, new job. How quickly has the time gone. I was only meant to be here a year, and now I have been here nearly 18 months. Pressing on for two years by the time my contract ends for good in the summer. It has to end. I was only here for a "gap year" which has extended, and so it has to come to an end. Sadly. I love my job. Its hard. In fact, very hard at times. Very energy consuming, very emotionally draining sometimes. And I do have bad days, but you know, despite them bad days, I love my job, and the more I am here, the longer I spend time with people, working with them and for them, the more I start to feel such a passion for this community, and a hunger to see some good in it. A hunger to continue working here somehow, amongst people, some of whom have become friends. Some of whm, I love to pieces. I am part of a wonderful Home group, who I havnt seen in a few weeks, but am making the promise now to make sure I go this week. Home group is an important part of my week, because it is my time. My time to say what I want, even though usually my comments are so silly and stupid it dosnt matter. Still they have enough grace to humour me. I love them to pieces.

Anyway, I am thinking about my future. Do I stay or do I go? Do I stay in this community that I have grown to really love, and have such a passion for. Even though it might not be the most illustrious one, and has some pretty deep rooted problems and some very deprived areas, and some real social issues. Do I stay part of a community I belong to and in? I would need to find somewhere to live, and of course a job.
Or do I look further afield and prepare to move again? Maybe somewhere totally alien, again. Totally different again? Big decisions to make. If anyone has any advice feel free to give it …

Anyway, I came online originally to blog about social regeneration, which is something I have spent a bit of the week talking about with various people and attending various meetings about, but maybe that will have to come tomorrow, as I have to be up bright and early in the morning, to attend, and help do the sound and screen, and encouragement for a group of our young people who are bravely leading the entire Sunday mornign Service. They have come up with the ideas, worked the plans, leading it, giving the sermon (in bits) and being involved in every aspect of it. Myself and other leaders will be there to jolly them up, smile and give them huge pats on the back at the end.

More to come tomorrow …

i am late …

for work that is …
so naturally, what does one do? Come online, check the ship and wibsite, check the email (note the order there). Decide to have another drink, and come on to the WIB to post. Now really I should be running around like a mad arse horse looking for things, but hey …
I have had two days off feeling rather sick, and have gone back to work today. My cd player is broked. My phone wont shut up. Life is great.
Hmm … I am apparently making "cheescake" with some yoof tonight, to have a break from the normal routine of running round like a mad horsed fly (and yep, my sayins do change – you will get used to me eventually – honest).
Usually I am co ordinating what is going on everywhere, and so it would be someone elses job to stay at the table and "cook" if thats what you can call it. My eyes tend to be anywhere and everywhere. But tonight, alas, for once, I am going to sedately try and teach people how to make a base made of biscuit and whip milk and angel delight, to make whatever you call the other bit.
Anyway, gosh is that the time, now I really must run …

long & sleek or short & spiky?

Ok, the hair issue. Heres how it is currently.
Mid length, sleekish.
Very red, with very black streaks in the front.

Heres how it used to be …
very red with black bits, but a long front ish, but short and spikey everywhere else.

Decision that needs to be made , after growing it for sometime, do I go back to short and spiked or not?!

I have this issue EVERY time I decide to grow my hair, so any advice anyone … Yours humbly x

food and tv

Ok. so I feel still ill, but not ill enough to not want food.
So, sitting eating the most lush toastie with cheese and bacon. Oh yes, so good.
Watching an interesting Documentary on C4 about Asian culture, and how young asian people feel in the current social climate, after 7/7 especially. Ahh its just finished. Well, gonna mooch around the wibsite, eat my food, drink the OJ and go back to bed me thinks!